COVID-19 UPDATE 7/21/2021

Today is July 21, 2021.

In Arizona, there are 911,479 reported cases of COVID-19.  In Arizona, there are 3,558 Congregate Settings (Assisted Living, Long-Term Care Facilities, Rehab. Facilities, Dialysis Centers, Hospice’s, Child/Daycare, Hospitals, Workplaces, etc.) with confirmed COVID-19-cases.  Pima County has reported 119,094 COVID positive cases.

Our total number of cases is 361 (residents) which includes individuals admitted from the hospital for recovery, those who have recovered, and those who were admitted from other settings (including other Long-Term Care Facilities) for recovery.  Our total number includes 50 unfortunate deaths.  To date, 78 employees tested positive for COVID-19 and followed the appropriate CDC criteria before returning to work.

Positive individuals admitted to our facility from another settings are placed on isolation precautions and the isolation is managed per CDC guidelines.  Our unit has been primarily used for post-acute recovery of people diagnosed with COVID-19.  There has been no spread between residents in our facility since that time.

Please feel free to contact Sapphire of Tucson at (520)294-0005, for specific information about your loved one.

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